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About Us

Project Manager & Senior Business Systems Analyst

Welcome to our web site.  The purpose of this site is, to provide information about my carreer, the areas I have expertise, and the areas where I can provide value.

There are common threads that run through my work and professional life.  Briefly, these are:

·       Innovation - Many companies attempt to purchase competitive advantage by oursourcing and/or with standard software packages or new products.  My view is that "proven solutions" are a contradition to "leading edge innovations."  In today's web and social media-centric environment, being innovative has become even more crucial for IT, and for developing new products.

·        Information Technologycompanies were making use of computer technology before I started my career, but the uses and capabilities have become steadily more powerful, and so my interest in deploying these powerful tools everywhere I worked has grown concurrently.  While much of my work was not focused specifically on IT, in almost every instance my work has involved the company’s information systems, or its gaps. 

·       Manufacturing and Supply Chain – the process from idea to something physical which is useful to many people has held my attention throughout my career. I developed significant expertise in these areas early in my carrer, forming the foundation for dozens of projects.