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Senior Business Systems Analyst & Project Leader

Welcome to my personal / professional web site! 

I have been very fortunate in my long and successful career, serving over 60 companies in scores of projects as a business, manufacturing, ERP systems, and IT consultant, including Deloitte and Touche, as well as successful stints as VP Manufacturing and Director of Material earlier in my career.    

The purpose of this web site is to provide the visitor with the ability easily find publications, articles, and papers I’ve written which may be of interest, and to quickly read more about the aspects of my work experience which may be of interest.  It helps overcome the inherent limitations of a brief resume, which of necessity must be focused.

There are common threads that run through my work and life.  Briefly, these are:

·        Intense curiosity about how business, IT, manufacturing and supply chain work – not just WHAT works, but WHY things work the way they do.  This motivation has led me to investigate and quickly become fairly knowledgeable, even expert, in more areas, and to a greater level of detail, than most otherwise well informed professionals.  I have a visceral need to know why something works the way it does, whether the result is desirable and brings success, or the opposite.  All results – good and bad – are a predictable outcome of some kind of process.  The key for me is to understand what processes bring which outcomes, and why.

·        Manufacturing and Supply Chain – the process from idea to something physical which is useful to many people has held my attention throughout my career.  In many companies, the engineering process itself is an integral part of the making of things, and has its own fascination to me.  A personal project provided deep insight into this process right out of graduate school, in which I studied chassis and suspension design, then did simple engineering drawings, from which a friend and I built a complete modified stock race car, and then raced it.  From mental image to a 650 hp race car; very exciting at the time.

·        Information Technologycompanies were making use of computer technology before I started my career, but the uses and capabilities have become steadily more powerful, and so my interest in deploying these powerful tools everywhere I worked has grown concurrently.  While much of my work was not focused specifically on IT aspects, in almost every instance my work has involved the company’s information systems, or its gaps.  One cannot succeed in any business endeavor without becoming expert at the management of to information.

·        Innovation - Many companies attempt to purchase competitive advantage by oursourcing and/or standard packages.  My view is that "proven solutions" are a contradition to "leading edge innovations."  I have helped multple companies create compeitive advantage by selective, careful innovations. often in combination with off-the-shelf standard ERP systems.

Available on this site - additional background information on my career, success stories, articles in a blog which I have not kept active for several years, but which has several excellent articles and presentations, plus two separate "sub" web sites - Best Practices articles, and the AIMS/ERP sub-site, which showcases the full-scale ERP system I design, managed the development of, implementation, and for a time, sale to customers.




About Us
Paul Deis brings 25+ years of experience with over 60 firms to his work with IT, ERP, production & supply chain.

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