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Project Leader – IT / Enterprise Software, Operations, Supply Chain

We have served over 60 companies in a variety of roles - VP manufacturing, Director of Materials, project leader, chief architect/designer, management advisor, consultant, and more detailed roles.  For the last two years we have been serving on the project leadership team at a leading global cosmetics company, JAFRA Cosmetics, International, on a large, complex global software project involving 3 separate systems, including SAP.

Linked Web Sites - in the column to the right are hyperlinks to other locations.  Two of these are "sub" web sites this this site.  Each of these is a focused on a single topic.  The Best Practices Web Site contains dozens of papers we've written, while the AIMS Software Web Site covers the largest single work in my career, spanning 8 years.  The story of AIMS/ERP began at Alesis Corporation in 1993, the launching of AIMS Software, Inc., in 1996, and the closing, still in the black, in 2001, after Y2K.

The seldom-stated reality is that all businesses today are heavily, deeply dependent on information technology, on having well-functioning software systems, yet most business leaders remain very weak in the IT area, while most IT leaders remain very weak in their business expertise.

In either an IT-focused or business-centered role, we bring this deep mix of IT/technical expertise coupled with extensive hands-on work in over 60 companies, essentially making the blend of people, activities, procedures, and software - called "business processes" work better, seeing substantial performance improvements in the results.  Examples include:

·        IT/Enterprise software – including design (specifications, architecture, other documentation), management of development, testing, selection of purchased packages, and implementation projects.

·        Production and inventory management – we call our unique approach “synchronized production.”  We work to bring a large portion of all production and supply into a tightly integrated process closely linked to actual sales.  We first implemented Lean methods over 25 years ago.   Our textbook on this field is avaialble in paperback form on at THIS link.

·        Global supply chain – our approach considers multiple factors and costs in assessing vendors and how each relationship is best managed, leveraging our experience in China, Mexico and the US.

·        Acquisitions and mergers – due diligence and in-depth assessments of the business, well beyond the purely financial, including a company’s culture and leadership.

·        Organization restructuring – these involve a substantial change in leadership, reporting structure and responsibilities, often including recruiting of new, senior leadership and key staff roles.




About Us
Paul Deis brings 25+ years of experience with over 60 firms to his work with IT, ERP, production & supply chain.

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